The Gifting Book

Supporters can make generic, specific or custom gifts to the Carson City Library through the Friends of the Carson City Library’s Gifting Book.

If you would like to donate toward something rather expensive, you don’t have to gift the whole amount – you can just give toward its entire cost. When we’ve received enough funding to purchase the item, we’ll notify the library; all those who have gifted toward the item will be recognized as a donor.

Make checks payable to Friends of the Carson City Library, be sure to specify the donation specifics and mail to or drop off at:

Friends of the Carson City Library
Gifting Book
711 E. Washington St.
Carson City, NV 89701

How to Donate

We offer three ways to donate: online, by mail or in person.


Make a donation easily and quickly by using the online form below!

By Mail

Reach us by mail. Send us a check along with your donation form.

In Person

Reach out to us at to set up a time to discuss your donation.

Your donations make a difference

Your donations will be an investment into your community and future generations. Make a custom donation or a specific donation based on the ongoing campaigns below.

Tell us where you want your donations to go.

Collection Sponsor

Up to $20 (for a single title)
to $1,000 (50 titles)

Library Seating

Up to $750
(for a single seat)

Secret Garden

Up to $1,000
(for updates and seating)

Tech Upgrade

Up to $1,000 (to include a Kindle, camera, video camera and device replacement)

Program Sponsor

Up to $1,000 (for a single program)
to $10,000 (multiple programs)


Up to $5,000 (for language diversity
collection development)

Public Computers

Up to $5,000
(for five computers)

New Shelving

Up to $6,000-98,000 (greatest need presently is youth and nonfiction collections)

Augmented Reality

Up to $10,000 (virtual and augmented reality creation station)

Digital Help Desk

Up to $8,000
(for a digital learning center resource)

24-Hour Library

Up to $175,000 (goal is two stations, one in
South Carson and one in East Carson)

Conference Room

Contribute any amount to construction,
furniture and equipment

Community Fund

Funding provided here helps expand and
keep the library up to date