By Sena Loyd, Friends of the Carson City Library President

THANK YOU! You might ask, “What for?”
For the tremendous support of Browsers Corner Bookstore, the Friends main revenue generator, supporting the Carson City Library. As most of you may know, the library is near and dear to my heart, spending over six years there as the technology trainer and library director. Supporting the Carson City Library is our mission at the Friends of the Carson City Library, and I am here to give you a few ways in which you can help support this mission!

 1. Renew your membership! You can do this online, via mail, or in person at Browsers Corner Bookstore.

 2. Volunteer your time! You can volunteer in the bookstore or through committee chairmanship or membership. We would love to hear from you on where your interest lies.

3. Shop the bookstore and donate your money! 95% of the Friends of the Carson City Library proceeds from Browsers Corner Bookstore go to the Carson City Library each year. You can donate to the Friends of the Carson City Library with a specific purpose donation through our Gifting Book or through a general donation.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), and share when you can! Can you believe there are still community members who do not know about our gem of a bookstore on Washington Street?