"The Mission of the Friends of the Carson City Library is to support and promote the purposes and activities of the Library and its community."

The Browser's Corner Bookstore has now officially moved to it's new location across the street at 711 E Washington Street. The Grand Opening was on Saturday, April 12th at 9:30 am. We had an amazing turn up of  people. Please continue to support the Friend of The Library in supporting the Public Library through donations and purchases of books at the new location.

Please be patient with us as we go through this transition to the new location.  As we get settled in our address has changed and we will now have a phone number. 

Our website will be tied in to the library website when they launch their new website probably sometime in July.  Mean time we will try to do better about keeping our current website updated.

Our e-mail address may change also.  For now just use the same one as always.  When the new one is ready we will make sure to let you know via the website and the newsletter.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

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